Model Etiquette

As a model, it is important to have a good sense of etiquette while at a fashion show, onset, and on online platforms. Here is a list of tips for good model etiquette.

1. Punctuality, Punctuality, Punctuality. My rule of thumb is if you are 15 min early you're on time and if you are on time you are late.

2. Commitment. If you have confirmed with a designer, agent, production company, etc. then make sure you keep your commitment.

3. Correspondence. It is important to confirm that you have received all emails regardless if it says to or not. This shows that you have been informed and understand all the logistics of the event.

4. Attitude. Attitude is everything. It is one of the few traits that people remember about someone. If you are remembered as the 'Drama Queen' that's probably not a good sign. People want to work with someone who is respectful, kind, and patient. This also applies to your social media accounts. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring. The same goes for designers, talent scouts, and fellow models. You essentially will be the face that is seen wearing or working with their brand. So be respectful and think before posting. Ask yourself is what you are about to post part of your brand, could it hinder your brand, is worth sharing or better kept to yourself?

5. Photoshoots. Photoshoots are stress not only for you but for the photographer. Come prepared to give it your all. Do your best to follow directions and if you don't understand ask for clarification. Don't talk back or argue, that doesn't do anyone any good but increase tension. Be able to adjust to the shoot requirements. Practice, Practice, Practice. This will only make you a better model to photograph. An for the love of all things, if you share the photographer's work on social media tag them in the photo. It not only helps you, but it will also help them too.

6.Makeup Artists. They don't work for you unless you hired them. They work for the client. They have been given instructions from the client about how they want you to look. You are there to be the canvas. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT!!!! make changes to the makeup, not your place. If there is something that you would like changed, communicate it with the makeup artist and they will check with the client to see if it is an appropriate request. Also, be sure to always tag your makeup artists when sharing on your social media.

7. Designers. When working with a designer be sure to be respectful. They chose you and you chose them. If you are uncomfortable about something let them know. Do what they ask if it doesn't cause you harm, is within ability, and is ethical. Be on time to fittings and be committed to standing while they fit the garments to you. They are trying to make you look your best and their garment also looks its best.

8. Models. It is inevitable that eventually, you will work with other models. Leave the drama at the door. You may not like a particular model but it is your job to be respectful. There are other people watching, those people talk. BE KIND. Yes, modeling is competitive doesn't mean you have share all your secrets and become best friends, but you can treat each other with respect. They are there to work and so are you, so be prepared.

Respect has been mentioned multiple times above. What does respect mean? "due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others." As a model this is accurate, but it also means being on time, being prepared, and give it your full effort.

Posting to social media. Tag everyone that is involved in the post. Designer, makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, location, etc....

Always have a comp card, model resume, or business card with you in case for some reason you aren't able to connect digitally with everyone on set. This is called a networking opportunity, take advantage of it and be on your game.

Hope this helps,

Jenn Robbins

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